Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer

Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer (MHB) is a member of the Catholic service partnership KERN Katholische Einrichtungen Ruhrgebiet Nord GmbH. First documented in 1867 Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer has a long tradition of caring for sick people. Since its founding right up to the present day, the hospital has maintained very close ties with Buer and its development.

Over the years, the hospital’s importance has steadily increased as it has evolved into a modern health centre. The wide range of the hospital’s medical expertise is reflected in its seven clinics and specialist units.


Day in, day out, we devote our extensive medical and nursing skills and knowledge to ensuring the well-being of patients in the following clinics and specialist units:

Important information for patients 
Your state of health renders a stay in hospital necessary? Then please, first of all, contact the office of the relevant clinic or specialist unit and arrange an appointment. On the day of your scheduled admission, please go first to the gate at the main entrance, where we will take down your patient details, including your name, address, telephone number and nationality, insurance status and, where applicable, payment exemption. We have put together a checklist for you detailing the documents you need to bring with you.

Important information for visitors 
Especially during a stay in hospital, visits from family and friends are important. Looking forward to a visit already helps to lift spirits and that, in turn, aids your recovery. Please do bear in mind, though, that you will normally be sharing your room with other patients, so please be considerate. Please ask your visitors not to come all at once. To give you and other patients the chance of some rest, we recommend, if at all possible, not receiving visitors in your room between 12.30 and 2.30 p.m.

Should you find that you urgently require certain medicines that are not part of your treatment or cannot be obtained from us, you do have the opportunity to purchase them from a pharmacy on our site.

Information about changes in visiting hours due to Covid-19.

Contact details of Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer 
Mühlenstraße 5–9 
45894 Gelsenkirchen 
Telephone: +49 209 364-0 
Fax:  +49 209 364-4900 
Email: info@marienhospital-buer.de

In an emergency:  
We are there for you 24 hours a day! Our central emergency admissions unit is an interdisciplinary unit in which doctors from the various specialist departments and specially trained nursing staff diagnose and treat emergency patients.

The procedures in place ensure that we are able to respond quickly in cases of the utmost urgency, such as a heart attack or severe injuries.

All of the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic steps are taken for you on-site here.

In an emergency, please call this telephone number: 112

Directions and Parking Facilities 
Our hospital has ample parking facilities and is easy to reach on public transport and by car. Here you will find further information, also including a map, that you can use to plan your route: How to get here.

Any questions? Give us a call – we’ll be happy to help! 
Information switchboard: +49 209 364-0

Press office/Corporate communications 
Telephone: +49 209 172-54670

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